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50mm Wood Alloy Wood Grain (Plastic)

Offering a sleek and modern aesthetic, allow natural light to enter your space and maintain privacy. We’re sure you’ll love them in your home.

– Select your colour
– Select your fitting requirements (inside or outside of the window)
– Select the blinds control side (Left or Right)
– Select the location of the blind
– Select the size of your blind in width and height


50mm Wood Alloy Wood Grain (Plastic)

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Max Length: 3000mm (slight loss of privacy on blinds longer than 2600mm)

Privacy: Adjustable by tilting the slat. Allows for views and full privacy.

Light Control: Adjustable by tilting the slat | Diffused light.

Operation: Tilt and lift Cord.

Cleaning: Can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth.


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